GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules!

GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules! 

Posted: 4:40 pm Thursday, August 6th, 2015

By Steve Craig

There’s nothing better than gettin’ schnackered while watching the Republican hopefuls go at it in the first round of candidate debates!

You gotta admit… Donald Trump is making this preliminary race a LOT of fun!


You’ll need a six-pack (or 2) of your favorite brew, and a bottle of your favorite hard liquor… I’m goin’ old school with Miller High Life and Jack Daniels.

  1. If Trump is the first one to say “You’re Fired”… TAKE A SHOT
  2. If ANOTHER candidate says “You’re Fired” before Donald…  TAKE TWO SHOTS
  3. Anytime Obama or “Obamacare”, or ANY use of the name is mentioned… TAKE A DRINK
  4. Anytime Benghazi, Hillary, or her emails are mentioned… TAKE A DRINK (If Trump refers to her as the “B-word”… CHUG THE REST OF YOUR DRINK)
  5. Anytime Iran, China or Russia are mentioned, AND a candidate promises to “get tough” with ’em… TAKE A DRINK
  6. If Trump refers to how much money he has and/or the stupidity of the other candidates… TAKE A DRINK
  7. If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio refer to their Hispanic roots… TAKE A DRINK   (If Trump refers to HIS Latino roots, CHUG YOUR DRINK)
  8. If Jeb Bush refers to his Mexican wife… TAKE A DRINK
  9. If anyone attempts to speak Spanish… TAKE A SHOT
  10. At any mention of making America “Great Again”… TAKE A DRINK
  11. Any time Ronald Reagan is mentioned… TAKE A DRINK
  12. Whenever Planned Parenthood is mentioned… TAKE A DRINK  (If any candidate uses the word “crunchy” in reference to PP… TAKE A SHOT
  13. Anytime Drones, Border Fences, Gun Control or God is mentioned… TAKE A DRINK
  14. If any candidate make a joke/reference to Trump’s hair… TAKE TWO SHOTS
  15. If Chris Christie is caught eating and/or belching on camera… TAKE A SHOT AND CHASE IT WITH A FULL BEER

Have fun!