Is Paul McCartney Dead?  Best Hoax Ever?

Is Paul McCartney Dead? Best Hoax Ever? 

Posted: 4:50 pm Thursday, September 17th, 2015

By Steve Craig

On This Day in 1969 a bunch of college students began publishing articles claiming that there were were direct clues to Paul McCartney’s death in a car accident in 1966… AND that a guy named Billy Shears (real name William Campbell) a look & sound alike had replaced Paul!  The albums “Abbey Road”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, Sgt. Peppers” & the “White Album” are PACKED with both visual and audio clues pointing to the fact/rumor/hoax…

Was it The Beatles behind this? The record label?  a massive coincidence?

I remember hearing a radio special that included all the backwards recordings, album cover clues, lyrics & everything, and damn if I didn’t believe it when it was over!!

Whatever or whoever was behind it… it sold a HELL of a lot of Beatles records!

Get all the clues & info HERE

AbbeyRoadThis is the cover that started it all…

Paul is out of step with the others…

It’s a Funeral Procession – George the Gravedigger. Ringo the Pall-Bearer (Paul-Bearer). John the Priest and Paul the Dead Man (they buried English dead w/o shoes)

They are walking out of the cemetery

That’s the impostor because Paul was left-handed (smoke is in his right)

License plate “28IF” Paul supposedly died at 27 in 1966

..and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!!