Family: Ga. Tech student missing 55 hours somehow boarded moving train

Family: Ga. Tech student missing 55 hours somehow boarded moving train 

Posted: 1:11 pm Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

By dcgreen


Brett Rosner, WSB-TV – Atlanta


The family of the Georgia Tech student who was missing for nearly three days tells WSB-TV that he was riding a freight train at the time of his disappearance.


Jimmy Hubert walked away from a party on Oct. 17 at the Puritan Mill on Joseph Lowery Boulevard NW. He was found on Oct. 19 along the railroad tracks near DeKalb Avenue and Arizona Avenue.


Police say his friends used a cellphone app to locate him. He was found bloodied, bruised and semi-conscious.


The family released the following statement Wednesday:


“We don’t have the full story yet about Jimmy’s activities and whereabouts during the 55 hours that he was missing. It appears that he somehow got aboard a moving freight train. How he did this is unclear. What happened between his time on the train and the time he was found remains a mystery.


Did he do something reckless? It appears that he did. Was there a robbery? Police are still investigating that. To our family, the story hasn’t changed: Jimmy is alive today because of a great group of friends who were committed to finding him. We will forever be grateful for that.


Our priority is to focus on Jimmy’s health, and he gets stronger every day. He is also remembering more each day, and we are fully cooperating with the on-going police investigation.”