Mama Mia! It’s Been 40 years?

Mama Mia! It’s Been 40 years? 

Posted: 3:20 pm Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

By Steve Craig

I remember just after Halloween in 1975… my buddy Louis and I both got copies of “A Night At The Opera” by Queen…

A beautiful piece of vinyl we gingerly placed on my Marantz turntable sound system…

Back then, an “album” was just that… photos, lyric sheets, bonus inserts, stickers, etc…  We went though side one… cool enough… and almost all the way through side two, when “Bohemian Rhapsody” came on… we sat in silence and listened.  After it was over… we just looked at each other and simultaneously said… “Primo”!!!   (the 70’s SoCal equivalent to the soon to be imprinted “awesome”)…

We listened over and over again to get every nuance.  2 years later we’d do the same with Star Wars… seeing it over and over to get every nuance!

A true classic that holds up today as one of the greatest rock compositions ever.

Wayne & Garth agree!!  Enjoy.