Posted: 7:11 am Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Rock & Roll Birthday Remembrances… 

By Steve Craig


Today we remember 3 relatively unsung Rock Heroes that have left us…

Ron “Pigpen” McKernan – Singer, “thing-shaker & stuff-banger” and founding member of The Grateful Dead…  Would have been 71 today.  We lost him in ’73.

Kelly Groucutt was the longtime bass player for Electric Light Orchestra through their Classic Period… He also would have been 71.  He died of a heart attack in 2009.

Benjamin Orr… bass player and co-lead singer with The Cars would have been 69 today.  He spent his final years here in Atlanta while fighting cancer. He lost his battle in 2000.  He sang lead on their most popular songs including “Just What I Needed”, “Let’s Go”, “Moving In Stereo”, “Candy-O” and more…  Check out the video from his most famous vocal… “Drive” by The Cars.