Remembering Marc Bolan of T. Rex

Remembering Marc Bolan of T. Rex 

Posted: 7:58 am Friday, September 16th, 2016

By Steve Craig

On This Day in 1977 – We lost one of the most influential guitarists and singers of the Rock Era…


Marc Bolan, leader of the band T. Rex was riding with his girlfriend, Gloria Jones when she veered off the road and struck a fence & tree.  Marc was killed instantly, and Gloria was critically injured.  She didn’t learn that Marc had died until the day of his funeral.  Bolan was just 2 weeks shy of his 30th birthday.


BTW, Gloria Jones is famous for first recording the hit “Tainted Love” in 1964… Famously covered by Soft Cell in 1981.

Marc Bolan was an early pioneer of Glam Rock, with almost every rock band citing his influence, and covering his songs…


His band only had one hit… and what a Classic Hit it is!  Check out this live performance of “Get It On (Bang A Gong)” with Gloria Jones singing backup: