A Blizzard of Dirty Deeds!

A Blizzard of Dirty Deeds! 

Posted: 8:29 am Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

By Steve Craig

A Couple of memorable Rock Anniversary’s today…

On This Day in 1980 – Ozzy Osbourne released his debut solo album away from Black Sabbath… Blizzard of Oz gave us his signature song…

“Crazy Train”!


40 Years Ago Today in 1976… AC/DC released one of their biggest albums of the Bon Scott Era… “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”!  It didn’t chart until after Bon’s death and the popularity of the “Back In Black” album, hitting the Top 5 in 1981.


I love Brian Johnson’s work, (I do hope he gets back with ’em soon) but that evil warbling of Bon Scott is what gave AC/DC it’s edge!  Check out the title track with Bon Scott live!