Twice the Cake at THIS Party!

Twice the Cake at THIS Party! 

Posted: 7:33 am Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

By Steve Craig

First of all… Happy 88th Birthday to Adam West… the ORIGINAL screen Batman!


Speaking of Dynamic Duos… It’s TWINSDAY!

Happy Birthday to Identical Twins Matthew & Gunnar Nelson – Ricky’s Kids and in the band, um… Nelson.  Both 49 today.


Chuck and John Panozzo, who are Fraternal Twins… The Rhythm Section for the band Styx for ALL of their albums thru their Classic Period.  John played drums, and sadly passed away in 1996 from liver disease. Chuck on the bass is still with the band!  Chuck is and John would have been 68 today.

Check out the brothers rockin’ out back in the day with the FULL Styx Lineup!