Happy Birthday Don Felder!

Happy Birthday Don Felder! 

Posted: 7:02 am Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

By Steve Craig

Former Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder is 69 today!

He joined the band in the middle of their “country-rock” early period, eventually replacing Bernie Leadon as The Eagles headed in a more rock direction.  in the late 70’s, he became famous for his “dueling guitar” sound with Joe Walsh who joined the band shortly after Don.


He got a really crappy birthday present this week when he learned that he, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner (ALL major members of Eagles throughout their classic period) are NOT being given Kennedy Center Honors next year with the band, even after 10,000 poeple signed a petition to include them.  Eagles are known for their in-fighting, and Don Henley Joe Walsh & Timothy B. Schmidt are not saying a word.

Don Felder co-wrote Hotel California… check it out LIVE!  Fast-Forward to 4:25 for his amazing solo!!