This Date In Rock History!

This Date In Rock History! 

Posted: 7:20 am Friday, September 23rd, 2016

By Steve Craig

Big Album Releases On This Day…  Do you still have these classic albums?  on vinyl??

1970 – “Idlewild South from The Allman Brothers, their breakthru studio album…


1977 – “Aja” from Steely Dan, their best-selling album ever…


1978 – “Parallel Lines” from Blondie, Debbie Harry & the band’s first big album with “Heart Of Glass”…


1982 – “The Nylon Curtain” from Billy Joel… remember “Allentown”?


1986 – 30 Years Ago Today… Boston released their long-awaited and hard-fought album “3rd Stage”!  Tom Scholz & Brad Delp were tied up in legal battles with CBS, finally winning and releasing this after a 7-year absence… Big return for Boston, with the lead single “Amanda” becoming their first and only #1 song, even WITHOUT a video for MTV!  Remember, it was ’86!