Remembering the Late Benjamin Orr of The Cars…

Remembering the Late Benjamin Orr of The Cars… 

Posted: 8:26 am Monday, October 3rd, 2016

By Steve Craig

On This Day back in 2000, We lost Ben Orr to cancer.


Benjamin Orzechowski was the bassist, lead singer and founding member of The Cars.

He shared vocals with Ric Ocasek who did the more “quirky” sounding songs… but it was Ben Orr who had a softer, more melodic tone and gave the band their biggest hits, “Just What I Needed”, “Drive”, “Let’s Go”, “Moving In Stereo”, “Candy-O” and more…

He was living in Atlanta in his final years, and was performing right up to his death, all the while battling an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer.

Aside from his work with The Cars, he had a couple solo hits… I’ve always loved this track: