A Big Rock Birthday Party!

A Big Rock Birthday Party! 

Posted: 7:08 am Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

By Steve Craig

Look at all the Rockers Celebrating Birthdays Today!!

Steve Miller is 73 – Still rockin’ and still callin’ out the Rock Hall of Fame!  (or “Shame”, as he says)








Brian Johnson of AC/DC is 69 today… He says he’s getting amazing treatment for his hearing issues and hopes to get back with AC/DC.. if the band even exists when he’s ready!








Fast Eddie Clarke of Motorhead is 66 –  Guitarist, Founder and only surviving member.








Sir Bob Geldof of Boomtown Rats & The Live Aid Projects is 65

Band Aid 30 Bob Geldof






…and a Special Birthday Remembrance of an unsung Rock Star…









Brian Connolly – Lead singer of The Sweet would have been 71 today… We lost him to kidney disease back in 1997.  Some consider the band, that started out being put into the “bubblegum” category, to be a guilty pleasure… but they had some pretty damn cool Rock Anthems that you always sing along with… dontcha?!

Ready Steve?  Andy?  Mick?  Alright fellas… let’s GOOOOOOO!!!