Today’s Rock Birthday Bash!

Today’s Rock Birthday Bash! 

Posted: 7:56 am Friday, October 14th, 2016

By Steve Craig

A Happy Birthday and a Toss O’ The Cupcake to…

Thomas Dolby!  He’s been Blinding Us With Science for 58 Years…  He’s got a new book out chronicling his musical life and it’s more Rock than you would think!  CHECK IT OUT HERE 


The Late A.J. Pero, Drummer for Twisted Sister would have been 57… Lost him to a heart attack just last year.


Justin Hayward –  Legendary Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist for The Moody Blues is 70 today!

Nederland, Amsterdam, 02-08-2010. Portret van Justin Hayward, zanger, gitarist en het brein van the Moody Blues. Foto: Andreas Terlaak

Also 70 Today… The man responsible for one of the greatest Rock Ballads ever… Dan McCafferty – Lead Singer for Nazareth!  He was the band’s voice for 45 Years!  They started in 1968, and he finally retired from the band a couple of years back.   His vocals on “Love Hurts” are one of the best and most soulful in music… and at 70, he STILL sounds amazing!  Check it out: