Bill Wyman Makes It To… 80!!

Bill Wyman Makes It To… 80!! 

Posted: 8:03 am Monday, October 24th, 2016

By Steve Craig

Happy Birthday to the oldest living Rolling Stone!!

Bill Wyman, longtime bassist for the greatest living rock band was born on this day in 1936!  wow.  80.


Born William George Perks, Jr… Bill wasn’t a founding member, he replaced original bassist Dick Taylor in 1962 and was with The Stones until 1993!

Even though he was “The Old Man”- married with a full-time job and the oldest of the group, they hired him because he could build and repair amps… and the fact that he was a kick-ass bottom-layer!


He’s still kickin’ it live, too!  Check him out on the headless bass with his band The Rhythm Kings: