Steve Craig 

The Rolling Stones cause a “Hullabaloo”!

  • 7:22 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 by Steve Craig

On This day in 1965… The Rolling Stones made their U.S. Television Debut on a little-known show called “Hullabaloo”!

The variety show was like another called “Shindig”, and featured pop and rock artists performing live…

You’d think The Rolling Stones would debut on Ed Sullivan or at least American Bandstand… but instead, their manager chose “Hullabaloo” because they were told they wouldn’t have to lip-sync – which they hated… AND the show competed with Dick Clark’s American Bandstand – which they also hated.  Actually it was Dick Clark who had stated that he didn’t like The Stones.

WATCH THE PERFORMANCE!  They were so [More]

Buncha Rockers all turning 66 today!

  • 8:36 am Monday, November 14th, 2016 by Steve Craig

Happy Birthday to 4 Classic Rockers today… and 75% of them are turning 66!

The lone hold-out is the “Young” one…

James “J.Y.” Young… lead guitarist for Styx is 68 today…

Alec John Such – long-time bassist for Bon Jovi is 66… Played on all their classic period stuff… Jon fired him in ’94

Frank Banali – Drummer for Quiet Riot is 66…

and Stephen Bishop is also 66 today…

Singer-Songwriter, actor, producer… he had a coupla soft-rock hits in the 70s… “On and On”, “Save It For A Rainy Day”… but I remember his most for being the folk-singing frat-house guest in the movie “Animal [More]

Happy Birthday Rick Allen of Def Leppard!

  • 8:05 am Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 by Steve Craig

Quite possibly THE best Rock & Roll Comeback Story ever!

Happy 53rd birthday to Rick Allen… the one-armed drummer for Def Leppard!

Rick lost his left arm in a terrible car crash on New Year’s Eve 1984… they tried to re-attach it, but an infection set in and they eventually had to amputate.

The guys in the band never gave up on him… encouraging Rick to figure out a way to continue with some drum kit set-up ideas… It was the drummer for the band “Status Quo”, Jeff Rich who designed the first special drum set that gave Rick the ability to use [More]