The Rolling Stones cause a “Hullabaloo”!

The Rolling Stones cause a “Hullabaloo”! 

Posted: 7:22 am Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

By Steve Craig

On This day in 1965… The Rolling Stones made their U.S. Television Debut on a little-known show called “Hullabaloo”!


The variety show was like another called “Shindig”, and featured pop and rock artists performing live…

You’d think The Rolling Stones would debut on Ed Sullivan or at least American Bandstand… but instead, their manager chose “Hullabaloo” because they were told they wouldn’t have to lip-sync – which they hated… AND the show competed with Dick Clark’s American Bandstand – which they also hated.  Actually it was Dick Clark who had stated that he didn’t like The Stones.

WATCH THE PERFORMANCE!  They were so young!  and check out Keith Richard’s nerd-glasses!